Kenmore Appliance Repair in Oakville

Kenmore Appliance Repair

Kenmore’s history dates back to 1913, starting with a sewing machine, washing machines in 1927, and vacuum cleaners in 1932. In 1976, Sears introduced Kenmore-branded refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, and air conditioners, and by 2016, Kenmore also ventured into consumer electronics with HDTV and ultra HD televisions. However, Sears Holdings’ financial and bankruptcy issues have left Kenmore’s future in Canada uncertain, though warranties continue to be honored amidst restructuring. Since 2017, Kenmore products have been produced by manufacturers like LG, Whirlpool, Panasonic, Electrolux, Daewoo Electronics, and Cleva North America. The brand’s challenges are due to Sears’ financial issues, not the product quality, and with professional repairs, Kenmore appliances can remain operational for many years.


For over 15 years, Max Appliance Repair Oakville has been the trusted name in appliance repair services in Oakville and the surrounding areas. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we have become a go-to option for residents in need of Kenmore appliance repairs. Our dedicated team of skilled technicians specializes in Kenmore appliance repair and installations, providing reliable and efficient solutions to address all your appliance concerns. Whether it’s a refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, or any other Kenmore appliance, you can rely on Max Appliance Repair Oakville to deliver top-quality repair services. Need help with any other appliance? We also provide immediate appliance repair services for a large variety of household brands as well! 

Experience and Expertise: At Max Appliance Repair Oakville, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience and expertise in successful Kenmore appliance repair services in Oakville. Our technicians undergo rigorous training and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in appliance technology. With our vast knowledge, we can accurately diagnose and repair a wide range of issues that may arise with Kenmore appliances.

Same-Day Repairs: We understand the inconvenience of a malfunctioning appliance. That’s why we offer same-day Kenmore repair services in Oakville whenever possible. When you contact us, our technicians will promptly schedule a visit to your location and strive to resolve the issue on the same day, minimizing any disruption to your daily routine.

Quality Parts and Tools: To ensure lasting repairs, we only use high-quality, genuine parts for our Kenmore appliance repair service. We have access to a wide range of replacement parts, allowing us to quickly source the required components for your appliance. Additionally, our technicians are equipped with advanced tools and equipment to carry out Kenmore appliance repairs efficiently and effectively.

Transparent and Competitive Pricing: At Max Appliance Repair Oakville, we believe in fair and transparent pricing. We offer competitive rates for our Kenmore appliance services in Oakville and provide upfront estimates. You can trust that there are no hidden costs or surprises, giving you peace of mind throughout the repair process.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring that every customer is satisfied with the results. If you experience any issues after our Kenmore appliance service, we offer a warranty on both parts and labor, providing you with added confidence and assurance.

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Common Issues with Kenmore Appliances

  1. Refrigerator Not Cooling: A common issue with Kenmore refrigerators is when they fail to cool properly. This can lead to food spoilage and inconvenience. The problem may be caused by a malfunctioning compressor, condenser coils, or a faulty thermostat. Our technicians have the expertise to diagnose and resolve refrigerator cooling issues promptly.

  2. Dishwasher Not Draining: If your Kenmore dishwasher is not draining properly, it can result in standing water and unsanitary conditions. This issue may be due to a clogged drain hose, a faulty pump, or a malfunctioning float switch. At Max Appliance Repair Oakville, our technicians can identify the cause and provide effective solutions to restore proper drainage.

  3. Oven Not Heating: When your Kenmore oven fails to heat up, it can disrupt your cooking routine. This problem can be attributed to a faulty heating element, igniter, or control board. Our technicians are well-equipped to diagnose the issue and replace the necessary components, ensuring that your Kenmore oven functions optimally.

  4. Washer Not Spinning: If your Kenmore washer is not spinning, it can leave your clothes soggy and wet. This issue may be caused by a malfunctioning drive belt, lid switch, or motor coupling. At Max Appliance Repair Oakville, we have the necessary skills and experience to diagnose and fix washer spinning issues efficiently.

  5. Dryer Not Heating: A Kenmore dryer that doesn’t produce heat can be frustrating and extend your laundry routine. This issue is often caused by a faulty heating element, thermal fuse, or thermostat. At Max Appliance Repair Oakville, our technicians specialize in diagnosing and repairing the heating components of Kenmore dryers. We will accurately identify the cause of the heating problem and perform the necessary repairs to restore your dryer’s functionality.


Common Error Codes You May Face

  1. Error Code F1 – Communication Error: This error code indicates a communication problem between the control board and other components of your Kenmore appliance. It may require professional attention to identify the exact cause and resolve the issue. Our technicians have the expertise to diagnose and fix communication errors efficiently.

  2. Error Code F2 – Oven Temperature Too High: If you encounter this error code on your Kenmore oven, it means that the temperature inside the oven is exceeding the set limit. This issue could be caused by a malfunctioning temperature sensor or a faulty control board. Our technicians can accurately diagnose the problem and replace the necessary components to restore your oven’s functionality.

  3. Error Code E1 – Refrigerator Thermistor Error: When you see this error code on your Kenmore refrigerator, it indicates a problem with the thermistor, which is responsible for monitoring the temperature inside the fridge. Our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and repair thermistor errors, ensuring that your refrigerator maintains the optimal temperature for food storage.

  4. Error Code F5 – Door Lock Error: If you encounter this error code on your Kenmore dishwasher, it suggests a problem with the door lock mechanism. This issue can prevent the dishwasher from operating correctly. Our skilled technicians can inspect and repair the door lock system, allowing your dishwasher to function smoothly.

  5. Error Code F3 – Dryer Overheating: When you see this error code on your Kenmore dryer, it indicates that the dryer is overheating. This issue can be caused by a blocked vent or a malfunctioning thermostat. Our technicians can diagnose the cause of the overheating and perform the necessary repairs to restore your dryer’s normal operation.

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Kenmore fridge repair in Oakville

If your Kenmore refrigerator is not cooling properly, experiencing temperature fluctuations, or showing signs of a malfunction, our technicians can help do a quick fridge repair service. We have the expertise to diagnose and repair issues with compressors, condenser coils, thermostats, and other components, ensuring that your Kenmore fridge maintains optimal temperature and food freshness.

Kenmore fridge repair

Kenmore dishwasher repair in Oakville

When your Kenmore dishwasher is not cleaning dishes effectively, experiencing leaks, or facing drainage problems, our technicians are here to assist you. We can diagnose and perform a same day dishwasher repair issues with pumps, motors, spray arms, and control panels, ensuring that your Kenmore dishwasher operates efficiently and provides spotless results.

Kenmore dishwasher repair

Kenmore oven repair in Oakville

Issues with your Kenmore oven, such as inconsistent heating, malfunctioning controls, or problems with bake or broil functions, can impact your cooking experience. Our technicians are experienced in diagnosing and repairing heating elements, igniters, control boards, and other oven or range components. We will ensure that your Kenmore oven and range functions properly and delivers reliable cooking performance. Don’t stress about a broken oven or range, let us help deliver an urgent oven repair service for you! 

Kenmore oven repair

Kenmore stove repair in Oakville

If your Kenmore stove or cooktop is experiencing problems with burners not igniting, uneven heat distribution, or faulty controls, our technicians can provide the necessary repairs. We can diagnose and fix issues with burner elements, igniters, switches, and other cooktop components, restoring the functionality and precision of your Kenmore stove. Call us today for an assessment and expert stove repairman service

Kenmore stove repair

Kenmore washer repair in Oakville

When your Kenmore washer is not spinning, filling, draining, or displaying error codes, it can disrupt your laundry routine. Our technicians have the expertise to diagnose and repair issues with drive belts, motor couplings, water inlet valves, and other washer components. We will restore your Kenmore washer’s performance, ensuring efficient and effective laundry cycles. If you need help today, call us for a same day washer technician to be at your home asap! 

Kenmore washer repair

Kenmore dryer repair in Oakville

If your Kenmore dryer is not producing heat, tumbling, or experiencing issues with airflow, our dryer repair technicians can help. We specialize in diagnosing and repairing heating elements, thermostats, thermal fuses, belts, and other dryer components. Our goal is to restore the functionality of your Kenmore dryer, allowing you to efficiently dry your clothes.

Kenmore dryer repair

Kenmore Appliance Repair & Maintenance – FAQs

How long does it take to repair a Kenmore appliance?

The repair time for Kenmore appliances can vary depending on the specific issue. However, we at Max Appliance Repair Oakville offer same-day repair services whenever possible, ensuring prompt resolution of your appliance problems.

Are your technicians licensed and insured?

Yes, all our technicians at Max Appliance Repair Oakville are licensed and insured. They undergo rigorous training and possess the necessary qualifications to provide professional and reliable appliance repair services.

Do you provide a warranty on repairs?

Yes, we offer a warranty on both parts and labor for the repairs we perform. If you experience any issues after the repair, simply reach out to us, and we will address it promptly.

How can I schedule an appointment for Kenmore appliance repair?

Scheduling an appointment with us is easy. You can contact us at (647) 952-1164 or visit our website to book an appointment at your convenience. Our friendly staff will assist you in arranging a suitable time for our technicians to visit your location.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept various payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, and cash, making it convenient for you to settle the repair service charges.

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